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Corporate Responsibility

Potbelly is committed to improving the world by improving the communities we inhabit. That means being a responsible member in each of our neighborhoods and always looking for ways to improve.

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Image showing Potbelly's green initiatives
Image showing Potbelly's neighborhood involvement

Nutrition Overview

Being the best place for lunch means helping people eat right, without giving up the things they love. That's why we offer tools to help you find the Potbelly meal that's right for your health and nutritional needs.

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Green Initiatives

At Potbelly, we believe that a happy earth means happy people. And since part of our mission is to make people really happy, we strive to make decisions that are respectful of our planet's resources.

Explore our green initiatives Explore our green initiatives

Neighborhood Involvement

The goal of "making people really happy"
means more than making great food. That's
why we work to help the people who live in
our local communities. Each partnership
begins with positive commitment and the
desire to give back as much as possible
within the local community.

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