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Web Accessibility Statement

Potbelly wants our website to be accessible to all users. Our website conforms to existing recommendations and standards and has been tested with various assistive technologies.

If you encounter a problem accessing Potbelly's website, or if you would like to provide website feedback about Potbelly's site, please contact us using the preceding link. For comments about food, online ordering, your experience in shop, or with Potbelly Associates, visit our Talk to Us page. To reach Potbelly staff with questions, view our complete contact information.

Support for W3C Recommendations and Section 508 Standards

During the development process, our authors followed the W3C's Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to ensure that the site would be accessible. The site uses valid HTML 5 and CSS 2.0, and it also meets the standards set in the Web-based applications section of the Section 508 standards.

Alt Text

All important images on this site are accompanied by brief alt text that identifies the image or its function. If you are using a graphic browser, alt-text tags are visible only if the browser's automatic image-loading feature is turned off.

PDF documents

We have many documents, such as food menus, posted in PDF format (Portable Document Format). These documents can be read aloud to you using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get the free download of Acrobat Reader, visit the Acrobat Reader site. Once the PDF page is opened in Adobe Reader, select the View Menu, then Read Out Loud, then either Read This Page Only or Read To End of Document.

Captioned and Described Movie Clips

Potbelly provides a text transcript for the movie clips on its website.


All text hyperlinks are written so that they make sense when read out of context.


Parts of the Potbelly site use JavaScript. This website has been designed for device independence so that use of the mouse is not required.


Where tables are used for the presentation of data, table cells are associated with headers to facilitate navigation with screen readers. Also, each data table has a summary which provides additional information about the table's contents.


All forms elements used to gather information from users (e.g. feedback forms, search functions) on this site have labels associated with them to ensure that all users will be able to utilize these features. If you need assistance with forms, please email or view our complete contact information.