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Absolutely! Make sure you ask for a Mediterranean on regular bread (our multigrain bread has honey in it so it is not vegan friendly) with no feta cheese, and the sandwich is vegan!

Yes! There will be an extra charge for each of the premium ingredients if they aren't in the original sandwich recipe, but we'd be happy to provide you with a made-to-order sandwich!

When we open up shops in a new part of the country, we start with our basic menu, which allows us to ensure that the shop team is able to deliver a great experience to all of our customers. Once we feel that the shop is ready, we look at introducing other options.

Originals are the sandwich size we started with in 1977. They are available in all of our shops, and are what you see on all our menu boards. A BIGS is approximately 1/3 more bread, meat, cheese and toppings than an Original, and you can get any sandwich in a BIGS as long as you’re in a market that carries the BIGS bread. SKINNY sandwiches are a lighter version of some of our famous Originals, so you get 1/3 less bread, meat and cheese than the Originals (and they make a good pairing with a side of soup). All SKINNY sandwiches are under 400 calories. FLATS are the same size as our Originals, but it’s a naturally thinner bread for a completely different sandwich experience. FLATS have about the same calorie count as our Thin-Cut Originals.

"Thin-cut" is how we cut our bread if you don’t want quite as much of it—instead of just cutting it in half, we take out 1/3 of the bread. Same great taste, but fewer carbs! You can get any Originals or BIGS thin-cut (our SKINNYS already come that way).

Of course! All of our salads are made to order. Just tell our team what topping you don't want and we'll be happy to oblige.

You sure can! You can ask for our salad made with any of our cheeses.

Our salad menu has lots to offer our vegetarian fans! We can make any of our salads without meat, just specify when you order. They are completely customizable, so you can feel free to swap out toppings (Candied Walnuts instead of eggs? No problem!)

All of our salads are served on a bed of romaine and field greens blend.

Yes you can and we are happy to give them to you at no extra charge — just ask!

Yes they are! All of our salad dressings are gluten free, and as long as you do not get croutons, your entire salad can be gluten free! For more information on nutrition or allergens in our dressings, please visit our Nutrition Calculator Page.

Yes, except New York City shops do not carry fat-free vinaigrette dressing.