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Franchise FAQ

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Who is Potbelly looking for to open a franchise?toggle

Potbelly is looking for "Potbelly People" to become franchisees. That means people who love working with a team, have solid business experience (not necessarily in restaurants), the financial qualifications, possess entrepreneurial motivation and have been successful. Whether a family partnership or a business partnership, we are looking for an operating team that wants to be owners of the neighborhood sandwich shop within their community.

How much are the royalties and other annual fees?toggle

Royalty fees are 6% of gross sales. The marketing fees are up to 4.0% of gross sales.

How much can I make as a Potbelly franchisee?toggle

The Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations do not allow us to provide specific profit projections. To learn more about the financial aspects of franchising with Potbelly, we will provide you our Franchise Disclosure Document with financial disclosures when you are further along in the evaluation process.

How much does it cost to become a Potbelly franchisee?toggle

Please refer to our investment overview to gain a better understanding of fees and potential investment costs.

Does Potbelly offer financing?toggle

No, We do not; you will be responsible for your own financing.

How long does it take to open the shop?toggle

Each shop is different, and depends on a variety of factors, including site selection, build-out requirements and training. In general we anticipate it will take approximately 9-12 months from signing the franchise agreement to opening day at your Potbelly shop. We have partnered with a third party that will provide you with appropriate real estate assistance.

What kind of training can I expect as a franchisee?toggle

All new franchisees participate in a 10-12 week training program. This consists of real life experience in one of our company-owned training shops. In addition, we will train your key-holding employees for 6 weeks at one of our company-owned training shops. Once completed, franchisees receive regular updates to their training along with our company-owned shops, including regular on-site reviews.

I'm interested in learning more about the Potbelly franchise opportunity. What should I do next?toggle

Click here to fill out our Franchising questionnaire.

Who would I speak with in regards to submitting potential real estate sites? Where can I submit potential real estate sites?toggle

Please email our national broker, Baum Realty Group, at

What trademarks are owned and/or registered by Potbelly Sandwich Works, LLC?toggle

A First Class Dive, Potbelly, A Wreck, Ya Gotta Get It Hot, Potbelly Sandwich Shop and Potbelly restaurant interiors are all registered trademarks.