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Just download our app or create an account on our website. Signing up for online ordering will also sign you up for our Potbelly Perks program. (If you’ve already created a Potbelly Perks account, simply use that to log in for online ordering.)

Just click "forgot password" on the log-in screen, and a password reset email will be sent to you.

If you didn’t receive your final receipt, or need an additional copy, contact the shop directly or reach out to support.

If you need to remove an item or cancel your order, please call the shop directly. To add additional items, you can submit a new order.

There are two ways to pick up your Potbelly: 1) Curbside: when you arrive at our shop, call the number on your order confirmation and we’ll bring your food out to you. 2) Pick up in-shop: head inside to our contactless shelves. Your food will be ready at the designated pick-up time.

No, delivery fee is not a gratuity, but an additional charge collected by Potbelly on orders placed for delivery.

Yes, tips can be added online prior to delivery or you can tip your driver upon delivery in cash.

Please call the shop directly.

You may need to check your spam/junk email folders if you don’t see the confirmation email within a few minutes. Your online ordering screen will also give you a confirmation number—if you did not see this, you may not have submitted your order. When in doubt, please call your shop to confirm if they’ve received it.

If you want to use a physical gift card or e-gift card online, enter the gift card number and PIN during checkout.

All orders through our website or app (both pick-up and delivery) are prepaid to save you time. If you would like to tip in cash, however, that is up to you!

Yes—all orders placed online or through our app will be charged once you submit the order. With a saved credit or debit card, you can leave your wallet at home!

Visit to edit your account information including your email address, phone number, birthday and other account details.

Unfortunately, the website and app are unable to process tax-exempt orders. Please call your local Potbelly shop to place a tax-exempt order.

Open the App Store or Google Play, and search for "Potbelly Sandwich Shop". You will then be able to download it for free.

Yes, so we can process your payment and you can earn points and redeem Perks. It just takes a minute or two!

Please visit our Talk To Us page and the team will assist you.

You can order any way you want—face-to-face, by phone, fax, or through our website...and of course via the app. Whichever works best for you!

Just click "forgot password" on the log-in screen, and a password reset email will be sent to you.

You earn 10 points for every $1 spent at our shops (excludes gift card purchases, tax, tip, delivery fees). Each visit gets you closer to free food! Once you earn 1,000 points, you get a free entrée of your choice! You can choose a sandwich, entrée salad or bowl of mac/chili/soup.

Points will expire 365 days after the day you earn them if you do not use/redeem them. Perks which are sent to you will include an expiration date, if applicable, in its description.

You can sign up by downloading our app and creating an account, or by signing up on our website. The same account login will allow you to place online orders and earn Perks.

You do not need to keep track—perks and points are automatically updated and applied to your account. If you’re not ready to use a Perk, you can turn it off on your Perks screen to save it for a future visit.

Not at all, we do that for you!

Most Potbelly shops will accept your Perks account. The only shops not participating are Tampa Airport, Detroit Airport, and Charlotte Airport. If you visit one of these locations, please visit our Talk To Us page to upload a picture of your receipt and we'll add the points to your account.

We’ll miss you if you do—but if you’d like to, please visit our Talk To Us page and the team will assist you.

Each time you earn 1,000 points, you get to choose a free entrée item which includes a sandwich, entrée salad, or bowl of mac/chili/soup (up to $10). We also like to surprise and delight our Perks members from time to time with other Perks so keep an eye out for them.

You'll know you have a Perk when you open your Perks screen, so make sure you check often! You will also receive an email notification when a new Perk has been added to your account.

Expiration timelines vary by Perks. The expiration date will be communicated for individual Perks.

This information is optional, but we’d love to celebrate your special day and give you a treat. You deserve it.

Potbelly Perks requires a unique, valid email to ensure that your points are being tracked correctly, and you get all the tasty Perks you deserve.

Yes! Please visit our Talk To Us page to upload a picture of your receipt and we'll add the points to your account.

Unfortunately, since we require a unique email address, we cannot track multiple accounts without a separate email.

Typically, this is not allowed, to protect ourselves and our customers from non-authorized transactions. If you need us to make an exception, such as a shared card for a business or family, please visit our Talk To Us page and the Potbelly Perks team will assist you.

Simply click on your name in the upper left-hand corner to view or edit your account information including your email address, phone number, birthday, and other details of your account.

You can note this in your Profile, but we also ask that you notify our shops when you place an order to ensure that we are able to accommodate your needs.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will receive periodic emails from Potbelly—to keep you up to date on any new Perks or menu items. You can always unsubscribe from emails.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will receive periodic texts from Potbelly—to keep you up to date on any new Perks or menu items. Upon sign up click the checkbox for sms alerts. You can always text STOP to cancel. Msg & Data rates may apply.

Please visit our Talk To Us page and the team will assist you.

Please visit our Talk To Us page and the team will assist you.

Check out our Nutrition Calculator Page. You can find nutritional values, the "Big 8 Allergen" info, and find out which of our items are vegan/vegetarian. If you have any questions that aren’t answered, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to get you the answer.

All of our cheeses are made with pasteurized milk.

Our Regular bread is Vegan. Our Multigrain bread has honey in it, so it is not vegan. Our FLATS may be vegan depending on which state you are in. For more information, please refer to our Nutrition Calculator Page, or contact us regarding FLATS.

We use a highly-refined soybean oil, which is not considered an allergen by FDA standards. If you are unsure whether or not you can eat it, consult your physician.

The calories on our menu boards include whatever is listed in the description of the sandwich, such as bread, meat(s) & cheese. Toppings are listed on the left side of the menu board, and you can also use our Nutrition Calculator to get calories for your particular sandwich order. Please note: our Regular and Multigrain breads have the same calorie count.

Use the Nutrition Calculator to build your sandwich or salad, then underneath the Nutrition Facts section, click on "Add to My Meal," then "Show Full Meal." You will then see a pop-up window with the breakdown of everything you have added to your meal.

We are always working with our venders to ensure that our food remains tasty and wholesome, and sodium plays a part in each. We understand you may have a desire for lower sodium options and we are constantly looking for ways to give our customers exactly what they want.

Our chicken has no artificial colors, flavors, chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients and is minimally processed. We take pride in serving only the finest quality all-white breast meat in our sandwiches as well as our salads.

Absolutely! Make sure you ask for a Mediterranean on regular bread (our multigrain bread has honey in it so it is not vegan friendly) with no feta cheese, and the sandwich is vegan!

Yes! There will be an extra charge for each of the premium ingredients if they aren't in the original sandwich recipe, but we'd be happy to provide you with a made-to-order sandwich!

When we open up shops in a new part of the country, we start with our basic menu, which allows us to ensure that the shop team is able to deliver a great experience to all of our customers. Once we feel that the shop is ready, we look at introducing other options.

Originals are the sandwich size we started with in 1977. They are available in all of our shops, and are what you see on all our menu boards. A BIGS is approximately 1/3 more bread, meat, cheese and toppings than an Original, and you can get any sandwich in a BIGS as long as you’re in a market that carries the BIGS bread. SKINNY sandwiches are a lighter version of some of our famous Originals, so you get 1/3 less bread, meat and cheese than the Originals (and they make a good pairing with a side of soup). All SKINNY sandwiches are under 400 calories. FLATS are the same size as our Originals, but it’s a naturally thinner bread for a completely different sandwich experience. FLATS have about the same calorie count as our Thin-Cut Originals.

"Thin-cut" is how we cut our bread if you don’t want quite as much of it—instead of just cutting it in half, we take out 1/3 of the bread. Same great taste, but fewer carbs! You can get any Originals or BIGS thin-cut (our SKINNYS already come that way).

Of course! All of our salads are made to order. Just tell our team what topping you don't want and we'll be happy to oblige.

You sure can! You can ask for our salad made with any of our cheeses.

Our salad menu has lots to offer our vegetarian fans! We can make any of our salads without meat, just specify when you order. They are completely customizable, so you can feel free to swap out toppings (Candied Walnuts instead of eggs? No problem!)

All of our salads are served on a bed of romaine and field greens blend.

Yes you can and we are happy to give them to you at no extra charge — just ask!

Yes they are! All of our salad dressings are gluten free, and as long as you do not get croutons, your entire salad can be gluten free! For more information on nutrition or allergens in our dressings, please visit our Nutrition Calculator Page.

Yes, except New York City shops do not carry fat-free vinaigrette dressing.

Gift cards are available in our shops, or as digital gift cards purchased through our mobile app or on Visit to send an e-gift card.

If you have a digital gift card, you can check the value on the Perks screen of our website or in the app. For physical gift cards, visit

Unfortunately gift cards are like cash—almost impossible to track down once lost.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop began in 1977 as a small antique store in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, where the owner also refurbished antique potbelly stoves. During the late 1970s, the owners decided to try and boost business by making sandwiches for their customers. The sandwiches were a hit, and the small antique shop was transformed into an old-fashioned, neighborhood-friendly sandwich joint named after the stove. And the rest is history! Learn more about our story.

We choose high quality meats, cheeses and veggies, then slice, cut and chop them ourselves. Our sandwich makers build amazing toasty sandwiches to order and get you through the line really fast. While every Potbelly Sandwich Shop is unique, they all have friendly folks behind the counter that will make you feel at home. Our Promise. Fresh. Fast. Friendly. (Check out the full Potbelly Promise)

Potbelly does cater! Please visit our Catering page for all catering information. Please note that our brand new shops may not begin catering right away. Feel free to contact your Neighborhood Shop for more details.

You can have your Potbelly sandwiches and salads delivered to your office or door from most of our locations. Look up your Neighborhood Shop to see if your favorite Potbelly delivers or to confirm hours of delivery. Please note that newly opened shops may not begin delivery right away. If you have any questions, please contact your shop directly.

Learn about the day in the life of a Potbellian, check out job openings, and apply for a job on our Career Opportunities page.

We do have a franchise program. Please visit for more information.

Visit our Talk To Us page and be sure to select "Real Estate/Location Request." If you own a site that you wish to submit detailed information about be sure to include any site information, details, etc. of your location(s). If you just want to see us in your neighborhood, let us know here too! We're always glad to hear about great locations.

Get the latest and greatest info when you sign up for the Inside Scoop or Potbelly Perks! Sign up today to receive information about your local Potbelly or one that's on the way. You'll also be among the first to know about other exciting Potbelly Sandwich Shop news.

We sure do! Just visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Potbelly.

The recipe for our cookies is like a treasured family recipe... a well guarded secret! Why don't you come on in for a fresh-baked cookie today?

We sure are! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Unfortunately, the website and app are unable to process tax-exempt orders. Please call your local Potbelly shop to place a tax-exempt order.